Real-time Kid's School Van Tracking System

My Kid's Van brings you a set of specially designed SAFE & SMART solution to track your kids when they travel to school & back

How It Works

Pick up your kid from home/specified location

Parent can schedule pickup time from home/pickup location and can track kid's van before half an hour of kid's pickup time and they will get an automated pickup alert on their mobile. An additional feature is provided to tag the kid to the other person to track their kid's movement in the vehicle.

Drop your kid to school

Parents can track their kid's van from home/pickup location to school, After reaching school they will get notification on their registered mobile number.

Live tracking of your kid's vehicle movement

Parents can track their kid's van live on the map and they will get notification when vehicle breakdown or such other emergency situation.

Pick up your kid from school

Parents can schedule pickup time from school and can track kid's van before half an hour of kid's pickup time and they will get an automated pickup alerts on their registered mobile number.

Drop your kid at home/specified location

Parents or care takers can track "My Kids Van" and plan to receive the kid on time. Notification is sent to the parents once the kid is dropped, thereby the parents can sit back and relax!! Now, no more worrying about the kid's safety while commuting!!!



The driver or the attendant in the van can press the SOS button in the app to seek for emergency medical help thereby ensuring that the delay is minimized.


Real time notifications keep the parents posted on the current status regarding violation of speed limit, breakdown of the vehicle or any other emergency situations.

Schedule Leave

Schedule pickup only or drop only or even inform about kid's absence to the school on a particular day, which saves time in skipping that location.


The fleet system reports are customized and generated periodically.


Geotagging the pick up locations help the drivers to find the best possible route to reach the point safe and on time.

Live Tracking

What is more exciting than tracking the movement of the van on the route map giving more insight to the safety of the kid!!??.

In Bus Attendence

The kid's attendance in the van is marked soon after boarding the van and the same is maintained in the cloud application using the mobile app used by the driver/attendant in the van.

Tag Your Kid

This is a unique feature which enables the parents to tag their kids to their neighbours, day care takers etc in their absence due to various reasons.

Benefits to the Schools

Icon Routes

Schools can add parents , add kids under parents and track kids from and to the school.

Schools can add vehicles and assign, un-tag or re-assign drivers.

Icon Routes

Route gets re-ordered if the kids apply leave, so that fuel efficiency and time are optimized.

Schools can individually tag kids to other drivers /route depending on the situation.

Schools can assign different drivers for pick-up and drop; hence driver management is easier.

Schools can track kids attendance through MKV App.

Schools can track the drivers; re-route if required and generate reports periodically, to know the efficiency.

Metrics can be derived from reports to know the distance travelled by each vehicle, the actual time taken for each trip etc...

Schools will know once the kid is safely dropped to the specified location.

Kids are on-time to the school as driver takes the optimized Route based on the pick-up locations.

Driver dependency is reduced as the substitute driver shall follow the route as in Google Maps.

Schools can brand themselves as "Technology Enabled school" powered by "My Kids Van" as a value addition.

Benefits to the Parents


The alerts are triggered to the parents regarding the status whether the kid is picked up or dropped to the school and vice versa on a real time basis along with timings.

Real Time Tracking

Allows parents to track their kid's van movement and get the real time location!! Everything at the fingertips!!! Isn't it exciting and stress relieving????


By tracking the current location, picked up / dropped time, parents can doubly ensure the safety of the kids.

Prior Intimation

Parents will have an alert triggered from the previous pickup location to receive the kid, which surely helps in time management.


While in transit, the driver can escalate the necessary assistance like medical help etc at the click of a button which can even save lives!!!

Timely Transit

Parents can ensure that the pick up or the drop has happened within the estimated time so that more safety is ensured.

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